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-Primary Education:                  1961-1967 MEDERDRA- NOUAKCHOTT

-Secondary Education:             1868-1975 NOUAKCHOTT AND ROSSO High Schools

-Higher Education:                    1976- 1982 Nantes (France)


- C.E.P.E (Primary Education certificate) 1967.
- B.E.F.A (Junior High School Bilingual Diploma) 1972.
- Baccalaureate (Senior High school diploma leading to Higher Education) 1975.
- License in Private Law (university of Nantes (France) 1978.
- Maîtrise in Law (Business Law option University of Nantes (France) 1979.
- Master’s degree in Maritime and Air Law University of Nantes (France) 1980.
- PhD in Maritime and Air Law University of Nantes (France) 1982.



-Maritime carrier’s liability in Brussels convention on August 25 1924 and Hamburg rules in 1978 in CDMA.

- Yougoslavenski Centre of Postgraduate Studies (Dubrovnik):”Legal basis of Maritime carrier liability” 1980.

- M.A Research Paper in Port Law: Nantes-Saint NAZAIRE Port: Development perspectives and littoral protection in an expanding zone.

- Port Law Survey: Marseille-FOS Port and the Communes of the two interfaces littoral and a same goal.

- M.A research paper in Sea International Law: Free Sailing and the New Sea Law

- Ph D dissertation thesis in Maritime and Air Law: goods taking in Charge: Charger and maritime carrier’s Right and obligations Hamburg convention and French Law (Nantes thesis 1982)


-Maritime fisheries law and economics: “Shellfish breeding /Mussel farming: what perspectives for the littoral development? June 1997.

- Right to exploit oil resources: the sharing contracts of the oil production: Lark mirror? In CEDNA April2000.

- From the concession to the oil production sharing, will the Indonesian example open new perspectives to new producers? May 2001.

- Businesses Right “Legal Aspects of Doing business in Mauritania”
Published by Kluwer Law: International Business Series Suppl. November 5, 1988.
- International Arbitration Right “Arbitrators and the hardship clause in the international contracts:  C. Jules 1994.

- Decentralization and Local Development: The Mauritanian decentralization in the search of its balance (FSJE publication) 2012.


Professional activities

- Lawyer at the Court of Nouakchott since 1981.

- Teacher at Nouakchott University (Faculty of Law and Economics) in charge of Commercial Law and Labor Law courses.

- Gives at the Master level Maritime Law, Oil Law, and Mining Law courses.

-In charge of the research center on the Law and Economy of the sea (FSJE).

- Honorary Membership in the Association of fellows and Legal Scholars of the International center for Legal Studies: Granted in Recognition of and appreciation for Contributions to the Scholarly Activities and Publications of the Center for International Legal Studies (Salzburg- Austria).

- Chairperson of the Mauritanian Association of Maritime Law.

- Secretary General of Mauritanian Jurists Association.

- Former Member of the London Court of International Arbitration Users’ Council.

- Member of “ Comité Français de l’Arbitrage”.

- Former Representative of Mederdra.

- Former Mayor of Mederdra.


- A three weeks training course in Former Yugoslavia from January 21 to February 8,1980 relative to the Law and International Relations in War time.

- A Seminar organized in Tunis (Tunisia in December 1986: Topic: International Marine Cooperation -Seminars and annual Retraining Courses since 1988 and alternatively in Paris or London on the Maritime Law, International Law International Contract Negotiations, Arbitration and the Alternative Method of Disputes settlement.

- Turin August 29, 2000 – UIA Congress:  A Presentation on: “ERIKA” and “LEVOLI-SUN” vessels: Sea: Classifications Companies Liability, hazards or coincidences?

- Yamoussoukro Seminar (Côte d’Ivoire) on Poverty reduction plans and Strategies, May 2000: Organized by the WORLD BANK-IMF-DAB.

- Participation in several Seminars on Decentralization in Mauritania.

-The London Workshop on the Demise Clause in the bill of loading and Charter Party (1997.

- Seminar on 2000 Intercoms Practice Deepening, Paris 2001.

- Seminar on Shipbuilding contract, oceanographic Law Centre, Nantes 1998.

- Retraining Seminar held at the Law international Business Institute, CCI-Paris, and September 2005 on:”International Contracts Negotiation, Writing and Management and Disputes Resolution”.


- Workshop liveliness at the NSA in the framework of judiciary reform (judges training) Insurance Law- Banking Law- Labor Law 1995-1997.

- Several National and Regional workshops liveliness in Mauritania on Local Collectivities and Decentralization: 1998-2011.

- Organization and Liveliness of Seminars and Conferences at the Sea Economy and Maritime Law on: International Maritime Trade Practices (1997).

- SAIGA File of Sea International Law Court: Will the Impacts on the lodge acquisition put in question the kindness lodge system? (2006).

-“The International Commercial Arbitration Advanced Practice” January 1998.

-The Maritime Borders fixing Methods, a few thoughts on the Choice granted by the United Nations Convention on the Sea Law (1999).

-The Maritime Borders Instrumental Typologies between States: The lines-Borders or Zones-Borders.
(of strict or simplified equidistance at the protection Zone) (2001).

- The Maritime Borders Instrumental Typologies between States: Unidirectional and Multidirectional borders (2002).

- Maritime borders relational Typologies between States: Synchronous or successive borders to Envelops- borders or dyads-borders (2002).

-Juridical data for Maritime borders redefinition between Mauritania and Morocco established by a non-ratified agreement dated April 1976. (2003).

- The freedom dredge for fishing in High Tide Sea: the new orientations of sea international law and States practice. (2003).

- For a critical reading of isolated States observations upon title 5of the United Nations Convention on the Sea Law called Montego Bay Convention (2003).

- Plea for the introduction of Rio Convention provisions in the Mauritanian internal juridical system (2004).

- Provisions implementation problems of article 26 of Chicago Convention relative to International Aviation (2004).

- For thought on the different approaches of Maritime borders delimitation between States in the international jurisprudence harmonization strategy framework (2004).

- What remains in the juridical provisions of 1967 Space Charter? (2005).

- Satellites launchers development and the new aero-orbital law approach (2006).

- Telecommunications regulation in Mauritania (2007).

- Marks registration in OAP member Countries (2007).

- Legal opportunities for non vessel operators carriers in Mauritanian harbors (conference for foreign companies of logistics operating in Mauritania (2008).

- The labor relationship frame through the new provisions of the Mauritanian labor code (conference for the people in charge of human resources within the mining companies operating in Mauritania).

- The juridical status of off shore drilling infrastructures.

- The juridical and tax framework of oil and mining exploitation in Mauritania (2011).

- Popularization sessions for in favor of investors of the new provisions of Law n° 52/2012 dated July 31, 2012 relating to Mauritanian Investments Code (December 2012).



-Boghe workshop: DCL-UNICEF 1995: situation analysis and municipal development plan.

-Nouadhibou workshop: DCL-UNICEF-IMMDE 96 Water and local development

-Mederdra workshop: DCL-UNICEF-IMMDE 97 Education and decentralization

-Atar workshop: DCL-UNICEF-IMMDE 98 household garbage – sanitation and decentralization

-Presentation at the UN Special Session (New York, November 2002) on the project children’s rights: drinking water and environment: a municipal project at the heart of local development.

-Presentation at AMANN Conference: Childhood and Urbanism in Middle East upon UNICEF request New York of the project: drinking water and environment for local development (2003)

-Workshop on Nouakchott decentralization: DCL-GTZ (Decentralization support project) 2002

-Participation in the trainers’ training workshop in favor of the elected and the civil society GTZ/MDAT 2007

-Supervision of a training program implementation for the municipal Elected in Hodh El Gharby and Guidimagha 2006-2008: GTZ/Ministry of decentralization: techniques of public markets procurement

-CADDEL Workshop (African Conference on local development and decentralization): local governance: shared values and integration catalyst for the development of Africa at the base: 12 -14 January, 2011 in Douala Cameroon.

-CADDEL Workshop (African Conference on local development and decentralization): Final set up of CADDEL long term strategic plan/ 26 – 30 September 2011: Limbé (Cameroon)

-Senators and deputies training implementation: Mauritanian Constitution and parliamentary Assemblies functioning: European Union – Instituto de Estudios Juridicos Internacionales (2012)


-Consultant having developed the text on the solicitors (Ministry of Justice/World Bank) (1997)

-Consultant member of the team in charge of the Mauritanian trade code writing (Ministry of Economic Development/World Bank) (1999-2000)

-Consultant for texts development on the municipal personnel and the perspectives of a Municipal Public Function Establishment (Ministry of Interior/GTZ)  (2003)

-Member of the committee in charge of the Labor Code Writing and its appendices (2003 -2004)

-Consultant for UNDP/MIPT: Practical Methods for Municipalities Capacity Building (2002)

-Consultant on the institutional expressions choices of the cooperation between neighboring communities in Mauritania (MIPT/GTZ) (1998)

-Consultant for the juridical framework development of Aioun Cyber community (GTZ/PAC) (2007)

-Consultant for interdepartmental committee: Urban Development and Food Security nets (1998)

-Consultant for PASK: Municipal Programs Design: (1997)

-Consultant for the Fight against Poverty Commission: Civil Society: fight against Poverty Strategy (1997)

-Consultant for UNDP/MIPT 2006: Operating methods of the organs in charge of Decentralization

-Consultancy on an International Financial company (IFC): Financial Safeties and guarantees in Mauritania/ follow up of the program of some funding implementation with Mauritanian partners (2003)

-Consultant for Ashton West Africa: Conformity of the mining research activity with the Mauritanian Environment Law (2004)

-Consultant for Mining Resources Limited: Mining Regulation in Mauritania – legal and conventional framework (2007)

-Consultant: Juridical framework and institutional tools development on setting Regions in Mauritania (Ministry of Decentralization and Land Development GTZ (2007)

-Consultant CENI (Independent National Electoral Committee) (Legal interface and electoral litigation (2009)

-Consultant for Chamber of Commerce of Mauritania: Legal framework development of an institution in charge of alternative methods implementation of conflicts (Arbitration- Mediation (2010)

-Consultant for NATIXIS BANK: Legal Advice on derivative Transactions under Mauritanian Law 2010

-Consultant for ORECORP Mauritania: Tenement report (2012)

-Consultant for Frontier Resources sarl: Support of Orecorp Mauritania on mining companies’ Regulation in Mauritania (2012)

-Consultant for ORECORP Mauritania: Report on minerals titles opinion (2012)

-Consultancy: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the WORLD BANK: Doing Business in Mauritania 2012 (still underway)

-Consultancy: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the WORLD BANK: Doing Business in Mauritania 2011

-Consultancy: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the WORLD BANK: Doing Business in Mauritania 2010

-Consultancy: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the WORLD BANK: Doing Business in Mauritania 2009

-Consultancy: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the WORLD BANK: Doing Business in Mauritania 2008

- Consultancy: International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the WORLD BANK: Doing Business in Mauritania 2007

-Consultant member of the team in charge of RISE (Institutional Magazine of the Environment System in Mauritania) Ministry of Environment/GIZ (2011)


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